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The 40 Sqft Standing Office

When I began working from home I decided to look into a standing desk. My primary motivation? I didn’t want to pay several hundred dollars (or more) for a good office chair. Also, I only have about 40 square feet of office space, so a good sized desk with legs and office chair would leave little room. Apparently, standing desks are better for your health, too.

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The Kindle: Physical vs. Digital

I read so much more on my Kindle!

Liars – that’s what I thought. Either they were lying, or were tricked into thinking they’ve read more. Well, I’ve had mine for just about a month now, and I feel the same way. So either I’m lying, have been tricked, or I really am reading more now that I have a Kindle.

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Budgeting With Google Docs

Budgeting is Hard

While in college I used Mint to manage my finances and budget. Budgeting for myself was hard; budgeting for two people is (exponentially?) harder.

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My Favorite Chrome Extensions

I recently switched to Google Chrome (from Mozilla Firefox) as my primary browser. I still use Firefox when I need to do heavy-lifting web development. Firebug and other addons are simply not (and may never be) available for Chrome.

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Cr-48 Chrome Notebook - First Thoughts

When I got home from work Friday I was surprised with Google’s Cr-48 Chrome Notebook at my doorstep. I had signed up for the pilot program that Google was offering, but I really didn’t expect to be chosen. Needless to say, I was excited.

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Learning Vim

I plan on diving into Ruby on my Mac soon and was in need of a good editor. I’ve been wanting to use TextMate, but with a $50 price tag (and my recent vow to only use legal software) I was hesitant to go that route. It’s not that I don’t think it’s worth $50, I just have a very hard time spending money on software when there’s free alternatives.

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Hide Gmail Ads in Fluid

After several minutes of trying different userscripts to hide Gmail’s sponsored links, I discovered that Fluid has built in support for userstyles. Applying a style seemed much easier than a script, because all we really want to do is hide something, which can be done with css.

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